Early this past Sunday morning a Metro North train line leaving the Bronx derailed and came feet within falling into the East River.   So far there are 4 confirmed deaths and while the number varies there are at least 60 injuries, 12 critically injured.  images

A question of safety has been brought up with the Metro North commuter train since this is the 4th derailment in the last 15 months for the line.  William Henderson, the executive director of the MTA states, ” I can’t see how you can help but be concerned.  But at the same time, the system is a very safe system.The reason this is so stunning is that it jus’t doesn’t happen.”

Henderson was referringto derailments when he made thiscomment and was ridiculed because the evidence clearly shows that it actually happens frequently.  

The two main commuter lines that leave New York City are Metro North and The Long Island Rail Road.  The Long Island Railroad strictly goes up and down Long Island while Metro North travels to various parts of upstate New York and Connecticut.  It will be very interesting to see whether or not the Metro North ticket sales will take a hit because of this horrible tragedy.  Kohler Bruno, a yale student, who takes the Metro North from New Haven to New York on a regular basis says, “this has definitely made me think about taking the bus to go and from home now.”

This derailment is the worst train accident in New York City since the 4 train came around a curve on the tracks sharply and derailed on August 28, 1991.  The driver of the train was charged with operating machinery while intoxicated and the accident killed 5 people and injured 200.