One of the biggest differences in Freedom of Speech comes between the United States and China.    The United States is home to 314 million people, all of which have the freedom of press and the freedom of speech.  However in China, 1.4 billion people are unable to freely speak their mind or even freely search the internet.

The United States has heavily incorporated social media in every day lives.   According to “digital marketing rambling” over 128 Million people use Facebook every day.   Also because of Facebook, 10 million apps have been created, 150 billion new friends have been made and 240 billion photos have been put up.  However none of these numbers are coming from the largest populated country in the world.   This is because China’s online freedom of speech has completely been taken away.   China’s reasoning for it’s lack of social media is that it takes away any form of writing that can speak negatively about the government. Without websites like Facebook and twitter the Chinese have far less outlets.   The writer for the Freedom House states that ” According to the official Xinhua news agency, the seven principles to which online content must conform are legal regulation, the socialist system, the national interest, citizens’ rights and interest, public order, morality and information accuracy.  The noticeable subordinate placement of ‘information accuracy suggests that the guidelines are meant to suppress content that clashes with the communist party’s political priorities than to limit the spread of falsehood.”  This is one huge quality that differentiates the United States and China.

The United States has had the freedom of speech since the Constitution was signed.  As written in The Index on Censorship “The right to free speech is a universal human right” If it is a Universal right, then why is it that America outshines China in every Freedom of Speech category.  It is clear that because of China’s lack of democracy they are unable to speak freely even if it is not aimed at the government.   I do believe however that this is not an issue than any country should be involved in.  I strongly agree with Freedom of Speech and think it is outdated and disgraceful that China has not adapted with America.