The Constitutional Gazette was a newspaper that was based out of New York City and had the same affect as the New York Times does today. One huge difference is that this newspaper only came out on wednesdays and saturdays.  This newspaper was only out for a year from August 1975 to August 1976 and was discontinued due to lack of readers and high cost to maintain.

One of it’s main stories came the day before the declaration of Independence was signed.  The record unfortunately does not date on the actual 4th but it is interesting to read the articles right before one of the most monumental days for this country. The author writes in the The Constitutional Gazette, “Don’t boggle the expense when your all is at stake. It will conquer the vant land and conflictions will abundantly repay the expense of the war, and if we are overcome our all is gore, and it matters not how much we expend in the confeld.”  This writing goes on to begin to give encouragement to those who will go off to battle.   Little did the author know what would happen the next day.  This article was written to the printer and it is unclear who the author is.

The price of this newspaper was 2 coppers which is obviously higher than the 1 dollar and 25 cents that the New York Times costs today on the street.   It’s hard to imagine that this was the main source of news at the time considering its infrequent delivery.