Minimum wage varies from state to state in the US.   In west coast states such as California, Oregon and Washington minimum wage ranges from eight dollars an hour to nine and a half dollars an hour. According to Tami Luhby’s article Minimum Wage Jobs on the Decline, in New York, minimum wage is seven dollars and twenty five cents.  New York City is home to over eight million people and of those eight million three and a half are paid minimum wage.

New York City as known as being one the most expensive places to live the world so how is it acceptable that almost over 40% are paid seven dollars and twenty five cents an hour.   With companies such as McDonalds and Macys, there is a limit to how many hours one can work in an average week.   That limit can range from 25-35 hours.  At 7.25 an hour that comes out to an average of $217 a week.   In places like New York and California that is considered next to nothing and will barely be enough to put food on the table for one person.

In the 90’s minimum wage was so low because it was mainly students who were working at these places but in this day in age just as many adults are working at fast food companies as students are.  If minimum wage was raised by just two or three dollars an hour it could help dramatically.