This recent debate of whether Edward Snowden is a hero or not troubles me.  He opened America’s eyes to a problem that was a complete invasion of privacy but also betrayed our government.  I understand that his intentions were good but if this kind of information could be leaked to the public that easily, imagine was else could.  Edward Snowden was a high school drop out who managed to make his way up the NSA totem poll.  Why is it this easy to infiltrate our systems and leak them to the public?  In the debate of Liberty vs. Security 9/11’s cause it talked about through freedom.  The issues with Snowden are similar to those of 9/11. Now that this information has leaked what steps does the government take to prevent this from ever happening again?  However the issue of whether is this heroic or not is easy to clear up.  There are government officials and reporters who are saying that Snowden should be awarded with a spot on the President’s staff.  In my mind this is completely absurd.  How could anyone who is being charged with treason be considered a hero.   As an NSA official there are certain responsibilities and whether you think something is wrong it is your job to uphold those responsibilities.  Snowdens actions severely hurt the integrity of our government and he is certainly not a hero in any way.